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Saving you money is our goal. Our trained and experienced Billing Advocates have the skills and the knowledge to read your medical bills, EOBs and other documents, examining them line by line for errors and inconsistencies. We make sure your medical bills are in compliance with Federal and State billing guidelines, Local Medicare Review Policies (LMRP) and Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits. Learn More.

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Not sure if you have a problem? Need help understanding the paperwork? Worried about the cost of our full audit? We understand many people simply can't afford our full audit services. Others may only need some help in understanding how to advocate for themselves. That is why we have a professional claims auditor only a phone call away, so you can explain your unique situation and figure out where to go from here. We teach you how to navigate through the confusing and hardnosed world of medical billing and health insurance.