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Specifically how we help you.

•   Analyze your bills for errors and overcharges
•   Secure maximum payment from your insurance company
  Make sure your medical facility has applied all payments and adjustments properly to your account
  Monitor your paperwork to ensure you are correctly billed and reimbursed
  Advise you on what is your responsibility to pay
•   Guide you through the maze of American healthcare

Contacting us is risk free!

If we take your case, we guarantee you will recover more from your facility or insurance company than your deposit.* If we conclude that your bill is free of overcharges, we will refund your deposit less any fees incurred to obtain medical records. You've got nothing to lose!

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 *Backlogs of medical bills and account monitoring may be charged differently. Our services are only available within the United States for medical care within the United States.

Need Advice? Talk to an expert!

Not sure if you have a problem? Need help understanding the paperwork? Worried about the cost of our full audit? We understand many people simply can't afford our full audit services. Others may only need some help in understanding how to advocate for themselves. That is why we have a professional claims auditor only a phone call away, so you can explain your unique situation and figure out where to go from here. We teach you how to navigate through the confusing and hardnosed world of medical billing and health insurance.

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